This is a quick guide as to what the design process looks like. This is only a guide, as the various stages described may vary depending on the nature of your proposed development.


Call us at Dino Design to enquire about any potential works you are thinking of undertaking. We will tell you if it seems feasible and arrange an obligatory free initial meeting for you to come to our office to discuss further.


During the free consultation, we will go through your requirements and expectations of the design. We will explain all the steps involved to obtain any permits and the regulations which are relevant to your property. We are happy to offer our advice and answer any questions you have.


After we have had the meeting, we will be able to provide you with a free written quote for your project. This will include all aspects and stages of our design work for your project.


In this stage, we will start to put together the project based on the regulations relevant to the property. Once we have the site survey, we will conduct a site analysis to identifies any site constraints in regards to council regulations, planning property reports, significant trees, as well as any information in the ground such as easements, pipes and any other services which need to be considered.


Once we are at this stage, we are ready to put together our ideas and to put together a sketch for you to look at, and to make any adjustments. We will do this using our drawing software and will include a site plan, floor plans and elevations so you can see how the building will look.


This is where we work closely with the client to ensure the design is as close to final as we can get it. We will alter any changes which the client would like (if it is feasible). We understand that the design will need to be adjusted a few times, but this is where we recommend to do any major changes, as it is more difficult to amend the drawings later due to town planning rules and additional submissions. We can also provide 3D renders and visualisations at this stage, so you can get a better grasp of how the project will look.


This step is only relevant if your project requires a town planning permit. We will explain this to you in the initial meeting, and inform you if a town planning permit is required. If a permit is required, an Application for Planning Permit form must be filled out and lodged to the local council. The application must include all necessary supporting information such as plans, reports and photographs so that the proposal is fully described and can be understood. After the council looks at the documents, they usually require further information and express any concerns. This is where we make the changes and consult with them about any concerns. When the council is happy with the plans, the application will go to advertising. This is where the project will be advertised for a period of 14 days. Other people in the community may lodge an objection to your planning application. If there are objections you may be asked to attend a consultation meeting to see if mutually agreeable solutions can be found. After this, your application is formally assessed by the council and a decision is made. If a refusal is issued, you can appeal the decision at the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT). This is the longest stage in the drafting process.


When the Town Planning permit has been issued, we can move on to the working drawings. This is where the design is taken into more detail and is more catered towards the construction of the building, and how it will be constructed. This is where we prepare all the documents needed for the Building Permit application. We will prepare the drawings and documents needed to send it off to sub-consultants, such as engineers, soil testers, energy raters and more. We will be in close collaboration with our consultants to ensure everything comes together and there is no issues. We might have to make slight adjustments based of the different consultants recommendations. At this stage, we are happy to provide Interior Design drawings, such as Internal Elevations and 3D renders.


Once the final working drawings are completed, we can proceed with the Building Permit application. This is usually submitted to a private Building Surveyor. Documentation submitted to the Building Surveyor includes the full set of final working drawings, structural engineering plans, energy rating reports and more. The Building Surveyor will review the application and provide a Building Permit checklist. After amending what is asked and the Building Surveyor is satisfied with the application, a Building Permit will be issued.


This is where we handover all the documents we have obtained and the final drawings in a PDF format. We can hand this over with a USB or over Cloud storage such as Dropbox. This is where the drafting process is complete, and you are ready to start building your new home with your selected builder.


During construction, Dino Design will always be available to answer any questions you or the builder might have.